Value Proposition
Every business, no matter what size, has documents and information that are the foundation of the company. Team members need to access and collaborate on critical documents, presentations and files, and that information needs to stay secure through multiple levels of reviews and approvals. TH-AMS serves as a central content repository that provides best-in-class security for your information, as well as the robust collaboration tools your team needs to be productive and keep your business competitive in an ever changing market.
By using TH-AMS, your business can operate faster across all departments, ensure everyone is aligned, and drive growth while maintaining security of your files to keep your projects running smoothly.
Your e-archive room on cloud
Retrieve your files anywhere anytime
Work the way you want
With TH-AMS, get work done on your terms. Integrate with Outlook, Microsoft Office365, and keep your current workflow.
Get everyone aligned, from anywhere
As companies grow and expand, inefficiencies begin to impact productivity and communication. These challenges emerge through departmental, geographical and organizational growth, but with TH-AMS, you can get everyone aligned, communicate clearly, and work towards your common success.
Keep everyone current
Keeping the latest and greatest information at your team’s fingertips is critical to massively successful projects, and TH-AMS ensures your team is always working on the latest version of each document. Track all changes through version history, and always have the latest information to make the right decision for the business.
Accelerate the feedback loop
Commenting and discussions in TH-AMS make it easy for the field to give instant feedback to headquarters. This focuses the efforts of product, marketing and executives to build assets that really make a difference.
Security e-storage to access to your records
Promote personal accountability
Every TH-AMS user has a personal profile that publishes activity, letting teammates see what colleagues are up to and discover hidden experts in the company. Updates adhere to TH-AMS security, keeping your confidential content and conversations safe.
Share confidently with secure workspaces
Some projects require the highest levels of confidentiality to succeed - anything from a new acquisition, partnership, or confidential board communications. When the stakes are high it’s important that only the right people have access to this information.
Control access and external collaborators
With TH-AMS you can ensure only the right people have access to confidential content when they need it, with multiple permission levels depending on what the user needs to do. You can also get a one-glance view of every user inside your organization and whom they’re collaborating with.
Audit, report and monitor
TH-AMS provides detailed monitoring, search and reporting let you easily see who is storing information, know with whom they’re sharing it, and find content anywhere, fast.
Mobile workflow to approve your staff's filling or retrieve requests
Operate faster and better across every department
Content is the core currency of your business. It’s at the center of every project, campaign or initiative. And, for too long, you’ve had to rely on email, file servers, or hard-to-use FTP sites to share and collaborate. But with TH-AMS there’s a better way.
Reduce email overhead
Collaborating through email is painful and time-consuming. With TH-AMS, collaboration happens in-context with commenting and tasks. Teammates see updates in real-time, and management can be updated on critical updates.
Run in real-time
Real-time notifications can alert you every time someone uploads, edits, comments or downloads content so you can stay up on top of what’s happening with critical projects.
Accelerate the feedback loop
With TH-AMS, assign tasks to key contributors to ensure timely review and approval of your projects, and give everyone instant visibility into the latest status.